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Alpine Ecosystem Research Institute


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Research Agenda

AERI is an ongoing interdisciplinary undertaking investigating behavioral, technological, and environmental foci associated with evolving human-environment relationships over the late Pleistocene and Holocene in the mountain ranges of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and Rocky Mountain Ranges. By focusing on the documentation of ancient cultural landscape use, biocultural interaction, and paleoenvironmental proxies, the AERI has begun to clarify how ancient cultures behaviorally, technologically, and demographically adapted to and evolved with high-elevation environments spanning the past 13,000 years on the Yellowstone Plateau.



The Alpine Ecosystems Research Institute is a member-supported, grant-funded 501C3 nonprofit that conducts multi-disciplinary research focused on clarifying the evolving relationships between humans, montane ecosystems, and their native species in order to educate the public on humanities role in the past, present, and future mountain conservation.


Recent Research

At AERI, we are committed to conducting innovative research that enhances our understanding of alpine ecosystems. Our recent research has focused on the impact of climate change on montane ecosystems, the effects of human development on native species, and the role of local communities in preserving these unique environments.


Get Involved

AERI welcomes individuals and organizations who share our commitment to understanding and preserving alpine ecosystems. There are many ways to get involved, from donating to our research efforts to volunteering in the field. 

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“AERI's research is essential to understanding the complex interactions between humans and the environment. Their dedication to promoting sustainable practices and preserving the natural beauty of alpine ecosystems is truly inspiring.”

John Jacobs, Environmental Scientist

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