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Each level of membership gives you more access to lessons, classes, content, videos, and at the highest levels of participation, access to lab work, data dissemination, and access to data for your own research and our assistance in your undertakings as long as they align with our mission statement.

The "Researcher" plans are for professionals or individuals who have or are working toward graduate degrees in anthropology, biology, ecology, or paleoclimatology. These essentially act as paid internships or designer Master/ Ph.D. data collection opportunities that students can put grants or personal funds towards to complete or add to their research goal while supporting our mission statement. For already established researchers wishing to gain access to our data or research areas for their research purposes, there are caveats and data access permissions or subject matter access permissions for data we are not ready to share or disseminate until we are finished with it. Contact us for more information.

Choose Your Plan

  • Basic Member

    Every year
    Perfect for anyone who wants to support our research
    • Get exclusive access to some of our blog posts
  • Volunteer

    Perfect for interested parties with beginning or advanced knowledge.
    Valid for one year
    • Placement on an AERI field project
    • Preferential field choice
    • Access to basic education content and classes
  • Volunteer Researcher

    For experienced researchers
    Valid for one year
    • Placement on your choice of AERI field project
    • Access to the majority of educational content and classes
    • No ability to disseminate AERI data

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